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Professional grade SMD tact/tactile switches available in various sizes.
Applications: Mobile handsets, Electronic instruments, TV, Set top boxes.

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6x6, 12x12, 3.5x6, Illuminated LED and Sealed Waterproof switches.
Best quality at highly competitive prices.
Applications: Metering devices, Automobiles, White goods, Weighing scales.

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RJ11, RJ45, Ethernet connectors. Single, Multiple, Stacked with LED and internal transformer.
Applications: WiFi Routers, Network modems, POE and various instruments

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USB 2.0/3.0 and SFP Connectors

USB connectors with high current rating and professional grade quality.
Applications: USB charges, Automobile USB, Optical connections.

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About - Pran Electronics

We are manufacturing Tact switch, Tactile switch and RJ45 connectors since last 50+ years.Tactile switches are available in through hole, Surface mount SMD, Sealed dust proof and Sealed Waterproof IP67 categories. Long life tact switches having more that 500K and 1 Million life cycles are available.Normally closed tact switch is available for use as emergency switch for automobile applications.

Tact Switch Manufacturing Facilities

Soft touch and low noise tact switch with long travel are suitable where low noise is preferred. Tact switches are used in white goods applications such as Air conditioners, Washing machines, air purifiers and water purifiers. Major OEM customers prefer our tact switches and RJ45 connectors for their applications.

RJ45 connectors

are used in WiFi routers, Networking applications and Set top boxes.These RJ45 connectors are available in various configurations and models. RJ45 connectors are available as side entry 90 degree, top or straight entry 180 degree and various configurations. These connectors provide life long connectivity with superior quality contact material.


An ISO 9001:2008 by TUV certified company An ISO 9001:2008 by TUV certified company in India, Vadodara. Tooling and bulk production of switches and connectors. Custom designs and inquiries are welcome. All products match upto international standards and its a testimony to our persistent devotion to quality and customer satisfaction.